Amana AMVC95 Furnace

Amana AMVC95 Review

The Amana is an American company known for the manufacture of very good quality gas furnaces. One of their unique models is the Amana AMVC95 — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace. This gas furnace has been manufactured using the very advance technologies using the best quality materials to en sure it functions very efficiently. This model was manufactured with the consumers comfort in mind ensuring it offers the best heating services and its price is also very pocket friendly. This model works efficiently especially in the winter period to keep your family comfortable.

Purchasing this model is one of the beats investment decisions you will have made for your family. This is because this model has very many unique features and offers the very best heating service keeping your family healthy. This model is able to purify the air in your home by filtering the air to rid it of dust particles and other pollutants known to cause allergic reactions. The Amana Company has very many dealers all over who offer advice on the product that will suite your needs very well and offer you the best heating experience. The company also offers a very good after sales service which ensures that your furnace is in proper condition for long while serving you efficiently.

This model has very many key features that have made it the choice of many consumers. It has a very high efficiency rating of 95% AFUE ensuring that your energy costs are lowered. It also uses the very durable Dual-Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger that works very efficiently. This model also produces minimal sounds thanks to its Variable-speed circulator motor that operates very quietly and enhances consumers comfort using the Comfort Net Communications System. It is also easy to detect and hence repair faults in this furnace because of its Electronic Control Board with Self-Diagnostics and it also uses the reliable Silicon Nitride Igniter System for enhanced efficiency. This model comes with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger while other parts are covered by a 10 year warranty.

Amana AMVC95  Price

The 40,000 BTUH capacity costing $2,020 available online at eBay

The 90,000 BTUH capacity priced at $2,520 can be purchased on eBay

The Amana Company offers the best after sales services because they have very qualified technicians who assist with the installation of the products and also maintenance. The company also has a very wide dealership network ensuring their products are easily accessible.

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