Bryant Legacy Line 215B 213B 16 SEER Heat Pump

Bryant Heat Pump Reviews

The Bryant Company has been a leading manufacturer of cooling and heating systems for a long time. One of their unique products is the Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 213B 16 SEER Heat Pump, that is known to offer consumers a lot of comfort especially due to its energy efficiency and its ability to produce very little noise during operation, as low as 70db, making it suitable for use in a family environment.

This model is very much affordable because it has qualified for federal tax credit. Its quality is further enhanced by the fact that it has received the certification of Energy star. This heat pump is able to cut your energy costs by over 40 percent. This has made it a choice product for many consumers. The Bryant company also offer very good after sales service which include installation maintenance and repair, this ensure that your heat pump is able to serve you for very long efficiently.

The technicians at Bryant offer tips on how to conserve energy while using this heat pump and they are always available to answer any questions you have about this product. Thus making you enjoy services worth the money you paid for the product.

The Bryant Legacy Line Heat pump has several unique features that make it a choice product for many consumers due to its efficiency and durability. Its uses the environmentally friendly Puron refrigerant and the durable and efficient scroll compressor, this makes it very dependable and efficient. Its durability is enhanced by a galvanized, heavy-gauge cabinet which protects all the internal components from damage together with a Dura Guard protection package and compressor insulation making it one of the most durable models in the market. This heat pump also uses an efficient spine-fin coil and the user is protected thanks to a thermal overload switch.

The Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 213B 16 SEER Heat Pump has various models each priced differently as shown below

Bryant 215B 213B 1.5 ton capacity units costs $2,550

Bryant 215B 213B 2.0 ton capacity units costs $3,020

Bryant 215B 213B 3.0 ton capacity units costing $3,520

Bryant 215B 213B 4.0 ton capacity units approximately priced at $4,020

Bryant 215B 213B 5.0 capacity units costs $4,320

Bryant 215B 213B 3 ton capacity units with a 100 K Btu 90% gas furnace add-on costs $5,010

This model has a warranty of ten years for the compressor and all other functional parts.

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