Bryant Preferred 538b Compact 15.5 SEER Heat Pump

Bryant Heat Pumps Reviews

When it comes to manufacturing of HVAC products, one of the leading companies is Bryant. This company manufactures a wide range of quality products that many consumers have found satisfactory. One of their best heat pumps is the Side-Discharge Horizontal 15.5 SEER Heat Pump which is a part of their Preferred Series. This product hardly produces any sound making it suitable for a family environment thanks to the use of Quantum plus & Evolution technology. This heat pump also is very compact making it suitable for smaller houses that lack sufficient space.

This model is very energy savvy and will reduce your energy cost by over 40% and as such it has been certified by the Energy star. This model is very sufficient and is able to serve you well through all seasons of the year without fail. This heat pumps is also known to be very much affordable and reliable. It also uses the very environmentally friendly Puron® refrigerant that makes it durable and dependable in operations.

The Bryant Preferred Compact Heat Pump has a number of key features that ensures it functions effectively and efficiently. It does not produce any sound because it uses the AeroQuiet™ System II that also ensures proper cooling it ensures the sound level is as low as 66 dB. Its durability is further enhanced by use of DuraGuard™ Plus protection system together with a powder-coated cover that makes it look very attractive. It ensures proper temperature and humidity because it uses the HYBRID HEAT® Dual Fuel Thermostats that is very efficient.

This model has a very good warranty policy. Once you have registered your product it is covered by a ten year warranty. If you don’t register within a period of 90 days then the warranty reduces to 5 years. But there are exceptional areas where registration is not a must and the ten year warranty applies.

Bryant Preferred 538b Prices

Bryant 538b 1.5 ton capacity units costing $2,331.00

Bryant 538b 2 ton capacity units that costs $2,450.00

Bryant 538b 2.5 ton capacity units costing $2,500.00

Bryant 538b 3 ton capacity units priced at $2,720.00

Bryant 538b 3.5 ton capacity units that cost $2,829.00

Bryant 538b 4 ton capacity units which costs $3,150.00

Bryant 538b 5 ton capacity units that is priced at $3,525.00

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