Carrier 25VNA0 Heat Pump

Carrier 25VNA0 is the latest model of heat pumps.  Read this review to check the Carrier 25VNA0 Price.

Heat pumps are constantly generating more and more interest with the average consumer. Being that the heat pump moves energy to its opposite, meaning that it moves higher temperature air to another location which has lower temperature air, heat pumps are devices with a usage potential during the whole year. Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 is one of the newest models of heat pumps which owes its success to GreenSpeed Intelligence system. This system enables these units to deliver the highest heating energy efficient rating than any other air source heat pump currently available.  Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 is primarily designed and intended for residential use, as it provides maximum efficiency at an acceptable price.

Carrier 25VNA0 Features

With its 20 variable speed settings, the Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 offers the most diversity so far. It stands out from its predecessors with an outstanding efficiency of 20 SEER cooling and industry leading 13 HSPF heating. The variable speed compressor is the key element, which delivers only as much heating or air conditioning to maintain the exact set temperature. This innovation was done by combining the GreenSpeed Intelligence system of the Carrier Series with the Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors. The compressors were especially optimized for this model. This, never to be seen until now, capacity control can serve a home in a wide range of conditions, regardless of the climate.

The Silencer System II makes it one of the quietest heat pumps to date. This heat pump also operates on a two-stage cooling system, which reduces energy usage, and provides humidity removal after each cycle.

The Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 also operates on an upgraded Infinity control software package, which constantly monitors various system parameters. Those include suction pressure as well as compressor temperature.

The ease of installation will also appeal to both consumers and the dealers of this heat pump model. With a weight of 3 tons, it attaches with only a two-wire system to the internal system control. The outside part of the unit is protected by WeatherArmor, developed and used by Carrier systems to ensure protection from all kinds of weather conditions.

To uphold its GreenSpeed name in another matter, the Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 uses environmentally sound Puron refrigerant. Puron is a refrigerant which does not damage the ozone layer and it was approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a replacement for Freon gas.

Carrier 25VNA0 Price

Depending on your home size, accessibility, and energy consumption, as well as other elements that you need to install (coil, heat strips, supply ducts, etc.), the Carrier Infinity Series 25VNA0 can cost from $8.000 to $18.000. But, Carrier Corporation is offering you a chance for a cash rebate up to $1.550 by replacing your existing furnace or air conditioner. Also with a 10-year warranty it is your chance to reduce your heating costs by a third while also reducing and impact on your environment.

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