Carrier Performance 80 58CTA 58CTX Furnace

The carrier company has for a long time been the top manufacturer of quality HVAC products. This company has been in operation for over a hundred years and most of its products are found in many homes. Most of these products are very energy efficient and very reliable in performance. The company has all through these years maintained the tradition of manufacturing their products with customer’s satisfaction in mind. The company also offers very good after sales services in matter of installation, repair and maintenance to ensure the consumer enjoys the services of the product purchased without any worry.

Carrier Performance 80 58CTA 58CTX Review

The carrier company manufactures many different models thereby enabling the consumer to choose those products that will serve his purpose or the one that fits his budget. One of their very efficient model that is known to be very efficient and reliable is the Carrier 58CTA, 58CTX Gas Furnace. This model has been manufactured using the most advanced technologies together with the best quality materials to ensure it is durable and dependable when it comes to heating. This model also is environmentally friendly because it has features that ensure it reduces carbon emissions greatly. This product will ensure that the consumers enjoy a comfortable heating experience.

This model has a number of features that make it a choice product for many consumers. It is able to control its temperature in two stages depending on the need and it has a high energy efficiency rating of 80% AFUE which will end up saving your costs especially energy bills. It has a heating capacity range of between 40,000Btu up to 154, 000Btu enabling it to provide heat for long periods. This model also does not produce much sound because it has a QuieTechâ„¢ noise reduction system. Finally this model has been made using good quality materials and uses natural gas making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Carrier Performance 80 58CTA 58CTX Price

This model costs approximately $1550 and can be purchased online. It comes with a life time warranty on the heat exchanger while the other parts have a ten year warranty. This warranty is only valid if the product has been registered.

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