Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace

The Goodman GKS9 gas furnace and all other Goodman gas furnaces receive rave reviews for superior technology, reliability and their affordability since they fall on the lower spectrum of asking prices of gas furnaces. Goodman has been a renowned brand in the technology and production of HVAC equipment. In recent times, Goodman acquired one of the rival brands called Amana that also had a line of HVAC products and now the technologies from the two divisions is merged to manufacture very advanced and quality machines. This can be attested to by the feedback from clients as outlined by the opening statement to get to know the kind of performance they offer. The Goodman GKS9 model is a force air gas furnace and one of the most efficient gas furnaces of the Goodman gas furnaces and has been excellent in the market.

Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace Features

The Goodman GKS9 gas furnace has received the energy star rating for its AFUE rating at 92.1% and this enables the home owner to cut the cost of energy going into running the gas furnace. The GKS9 gas furnace is then a bargain in price and a bargain in the operating costs. The durable hot surface igniter is the Norton mini-igniter and this gives a prolonged lifespan to the GKS9 gas furnace. An aesthetic feature of this gas furnace is that it the furnace is compact in size and will fit in well in the house and it is adaptable for installation in a horizontal or up flow manner. Extra features include the four speed circular motor and blower which are energy efficient components serving dual purpose.

First purpose is that of homogeneous heating of the whole house while the second is that of maintaining the furnace at low noise levels during operation. The electronic control board is a self diagnostic kit that troubleshoots the components and working parts of the GKS9 gas furnace to give the exact location of a problem on the furnace. The pre-painted steel cabinet is very sturdy for the protection of all little components of the gas furnace within the core and to ensure the furnace lives up to its standards of durability. The cabinet is so built so that it can withstand corrosion. Each and every Goodman gks9 gas furnace is routinely tested at the factory to ascertain its working condition before it is shipped away for sale.

Now all that is required is to find installation contractors and experts who are reasonably charged to do the installation works. Know if they have Goodman product installation experience and their after sale service which is mainly geared towards routine maintenance. In this way, a guarantee on the efficiency of the furnace is sealed.

Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace Prices

The price of Goodman GSK9 gas furnace will definitely vary and this will be dependent on the location of the client and the installation charges that will tied to other components require for the entire heating system. The price for the GKS9 gas furnace only may begin at $1230 and go to as high as $2500 for the installation and accompanying parts.

Remember to pay attention to the warranty by knowing what it will specifically save you. There are different warranties and the best should be considered by doing a little research. They are the lifetime limited heat exchanger, the ten year unit replacement and the ten year limited parts.

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