Heat Pump

Heat pump is the necessary equipment for most families in America, which can bring you suitable warm or cool air and great comfort all year round. But though it is such an important thing in our daily life, many people are still confused about how to choose it and they do not know which model is better for their houses. In this passage we will not only introduce some great brands which are highly professional in making high quality heat pumps but also give you some good advices about how to choose the suitable heat pump.

What is the SEER?

When it comes to the heat pump, the first conception you should know is the SEER. Seer is short for the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which is one of the most important indicators of the efficiency of heat pumps. The higher the seer is the better efficiency it will offer you. In fact, according to the guideline of the American law, the heat pumps should offer at least 13 SEER for consumers. So if you find a heat pump delivers up to 18 SEER or more, its efficiency must rank top in the heat pump market. And a high seer heat pump means that it will save your energy bills and make you feel fine when you turn it on.

The Type of Heat pumps

There are many types of heat pumps for you to choose in the market, we will have a brief introduction for you in this paragraph.

The most common heat pump is the gas heat pump, which as it is says, is powered by gas. It is convenient for you to use it, because the gas can be found almost everywhere. There are many other sources to support the heat pumps such as the electricity, oil and so on. All of them are among the most common sources in the world.

Sometimes the heat pump will use some auxiliary sources, Geothermal heat pumps is an example. The geothermal heat pumps can utilize the ground as a heat source, and transfer the heat throw the sink water or other liquid. Solar energy is another common source, many new style heat pumps comes with the solar energy unit as the back-up fuels.

Now let’s introduce some famous brands that offer high quality heat pumps.

In fact, there are many professional manufactures that delivers high quality heat pumps in the world, including the Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Lennox, Ruud and so on.

Carrier is renowned for high end heat pumps which sell quite well for the highest seer, long-lasting durability and ultra high comfort. Of course some of its products are quite expensive, so if you do not need too powerful equipments, the others brands can be a good choice. These products of Rheem, Lennox and Ruud can also meet the needs of consumers from many aspects. Because they utilize high quality materials and components to ensure the high quality and great durability of its products, you can be mind free when you take them home. But while you just want a cheap model and install it in a small room, the Goodman can meet your expectation. The Goodman is a household name to deliver high cost effective heat pumps in lower price. So it is the best choice for these people who live in a small house and do not want to spend too much money on the heat pumps.

Heat pump Prices

Some people do not have a general idea about the prices of heat pumps, we have dig out some prices as examples which are list as follows. Generally speaking, if be equipped with the advanced R410a air conditioning system, the 1.5 ton 13 SEER heat pump will sell for at least about 2300 dollars.And if you want to buy a powerful one, the 5ton 20SEER heat pump will cost you about 5000 dollars. Now after reading this article, I think you have already known some basic knowledge of heat pump, and we will share some good reviews in this website to give you further help.

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