Lennox G51mp Furnace

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The Lennox Company is well known all over the world for the manufacture of HVAC units which offer comfort and are durable. This company has been in the cooling and heating business for a very long time and as such they have done enough research to know just what costumers need.

Two of their unique furnaces are the Lennox G51mp and the Lennox Merit G40 gas furnaces that come with an efficiency rating of 80% making them energy savvy and economical. They also use fuel efficiently and would provide comfort to your family all year round. These models have a dual fuel capability. This means that they can be combined with an electric heat pump and as such allow  alternating between electric heat and gas heat to give optimal heating while consuming energy efficiently.

They are long lasting as they use the Duralok Plus® heat exchanger made of patented ArmorTuf™ steel which provide good service for long. They use the SureLight® igniter silicone nitride construction and the control board that allows for easier fault detection. Finally what most consumers love about these furnaces, is that, they produce almost inaudible sounds when operating making them suitable for a family environment. Their silent nature is facilitated by a fully insulated cabinet.

The high efficiency ratings possess by these furnaces is what ensures lower energy costs. If you have installed one of these models in your home and you are planning to sell it then your bargaining power will be much higher because these furnaces are of high quality. These units come with the best warranty policies. Their heat exchangers have a 20 year warranty and all internal parts come with a 5 year limited warranty. You may extend this warranty by up to ten years but you will have to add more cash.

Lennox G51mp Price

These furnaces are quite affordable as their prices ranges between $2900 and $4400 together with the installation charges. These units each have different heating capacities and for you to get the one you need you will have to consult the dealer.

The Lennox Company employs highly qualified technicians who provide the best after-sales services to all consumers. Therefore if you purchase any of these unique models you are assured of quality service all year long in a quite environment and at an affordable cost.

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