Pipeline Pigging Products

Pigging Products

Below you will find information on the types of pipeline pigging products available to perform various tasks. For a full list of specific products and pigging equipment available for your project fill out the form and we’ll send you our free packet.

Smart Pigs

Smart pigs are pigging devices that are used in oil and gas pipelines for Inline Inspection (ILI). They are high-tech devices that, when deployed into a transmission pipeline, can detect corrosion that could cause future leaks and more. These pigs are for the purpose of pipeline inspection. *Another term for smart pig is Pipline Inspection Gauge (PIG).

Caliper Pigs or Geometry Pigs

Specific pigs deployed to detect the roundness of pipes. During a caliper pigging a team can interepret data once the pig is retreaved to detect any defects in the pipes.

MFL – Magnetic Flux Leakage Pig

These pigs have technology that detect cracks and weld defects. When pipelines are constructed segments of pipe are hand-welded in the field. After initial construction an MFL Pig may be deployed to inspect work.

Cleaning Pigs

A cleaning pig or poly pig in the pipeline trade is a device much like the smart pig, but “dumb” (without the technology) that simply has a¬†brush, scraper or something similar to clean the pipes. These pigs are specially made to remove sedimentation and buildup that can impede the flow of materials. The type of poly pig used depends on the amount of sedementation build-up in the pipe. Generally, a strategy of progressive cleaning is implemented using a softer poly pig to begin the process moving to more abrasive pigs in later stages.

These types of pigs are not just found in oil and gas, but also are used in other industries that utlize pipes to transfer materials such as paint, chemicals, types of food processing and more.

Cleaning pigs are very important in multi-product pipelines where one pipe is used for the transference of multiple types of materials. In this situation the pig would be used at the beginning and at the end of a cycle to clean the pipes before another material is transported to prevent cross-contamination.

Foam Pigs

Made of polyurethane foam for greater flexiblity.

Pipeline Pig Spheres

Made of polyurethane and other durable materials for liquid removal, product separation and other applications.

Sealing Pigs

Used to keep a good seal in the pipeline. This pig is most used in situations with dissimilar products moving one after another in a pipeline where cross-contamination is possible.

Plug Pig

When work is done on certain areas of pipeline a plug is used to seal the ends while the remedial work is being done. Plugs can withstand very high pressure and heat.

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