York TM9T Furnace

The York TM9T furnace belongs to the LX series of gas furnaces produced by York the brand. It gives the greatest comfort a heating system can offer while indoors whether the conditions outside are extremely cold or not.  This TM9T furnace offers induced combustion and will prove to be very reliable over the cause of time. Another great feature of the whole setup is that it is compact therefore taking limited space but it all the same sustains its proven heating capacity. Its height is a mere 33” allowing for stress free installation of the furnace.

York TM9T Furnace Features

The York TM9T furnace has a two stage heating operation that includes a two stage inducer operation; a two stage gas valve and the four speed direct drive motor blower are all relayed on a delay timer that is adjusted to permit two stage operations using a single stage thermostat. The inducer is very quiet when in operation and its rotating aspect increases the venting options. The venting appliances can be installed in two ways i.e. the double pipe sealed combustion or single pipe vent using indoor combustion.

The TM9T furnace has an efficiency certification at 96% AFUE saving a great deal on energy costs and can be converted to use propane gas to improve on fuel efficiency. The igniter incorporated in the furnace is the electronic hot surface ignition that usually saves on fuel and is durable and dependable. The internal condensate trap design provides management options that allow for easy visual operation check and it is self priming to prevent any recurrent problems.

The TM9T furnace is factory shipped to clients and only leaves for the homeowner after satisfying requirements for reliability and other quality control measures. The furnace leaves ready for the up flow and horizontal installation but the furnace can be converted for the down flow installation. These are very minimal alterations since the bottom is removable to allow for this. The heat exchangers are specifically designed for maximum efficiency.

The primary heat exchanger is a hi-tech tubular aluminized steel construction while the secondary heat exchanger is a stainless steel tube with aluminum fins. The blower assembly is fully supported for simple access and removal of blower and the compartment is insulated for both acoustic and thermal performance.  There are smaller features but equally important like the power and control wiring ports for easy access, optional external air filters that allow for flexibility and good air quality, and the 100% shut off main gas valve for extra safety. Finally, this furnace has an in-built high level diagnostic tool that will display a fault code making maintenance very easy.

York TM9T Price

The York TM9T furnace attracts a price quote at $2900 and this varies upwards as a sum of installation charges added to the actual buying price of the furnace. A thorough research is important to find the best contractors to do the installation and thereafter the maintenance work. Warranties given are 10 year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger. The approval of quality and trust is from the good housekeeping seal earned by this furnace.

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