York TM9V Furnace

The York TM9V gas furnace is among the York products that have received favorable reviews among homeowners for their excellent and outstanding performance in the heating of the home. York has been an industry pace setter in HVAC technology, products and systems. The York lines of products are distributed by independent distributors, dealers and HVAC installation experts and contractors. The reliability and functionality of the York TM9V furnace is assured right from the factory where each product has to meet strict quality assurance standards before it leaves for onward sale and installation in homes.

York TM9V Furnace Features

The York TM9V furnace is a two stage variable speed operation. For efficiency and reliability, the two stage variation will allow for the low level operation in the warmer conditions and the high level operation for the colder condition. The variable speed ECM fan motor that allows for uniform circulation of air within the home increasing the comfort enjoyed. The furnace has an in-built high level self diagnostic tool that generally displays code that depicts a problem in the function of a certain component making maintenance work and routine repairs become very simple and straightforward.

The efficiency of the York TM9V furnace is rated at 96% earning the furnace an energy star certification. The savings for the utility bills given by the furnace will prove it a bargain and wise buy. This furnace carries the characteristic of being very quiet giving good comfort. The tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger is so constructed to last longer without any operational hiccups.

The York TM9V models that have an optional variable speed ECM air circulating fans also have the Clima Trak technology which exclusively allows for the customization of the flow of air which will be dependent upon the climate needs of your home. The igniter incorporated in the furnace is the electronic hot surface ignition whose operation ensures fuel efficiency, is durable and very reliable.  As is with other furnaces, the York TM9V has a height of thirty three inches allowing for the installation of the furnace about anywhere in the house. The furnace leaves the factory designed for two modes of installation and these are the up flow installation and the horizontal left or right installation of the furnace vents. The bottom is adaptable and temporarily fixed so that it can be modified to allow for the down flow installation of vents. Optional external air filters allow for flexibility in use of the furnace and good air quality. The heating input range for this gas furnace is 60-120Mbh. A very important component is the 100% shut off main gas valve for extra safety.

York TM9V Price

The price quoted on many online distributor stores are very diverse for the sole reason of getting to a particular target group and other marketing measures to attract clients. The onus really rests on the homeowner to find the most affordable price for the furnace and the best and qualified contractor for the installation works. The best prices are those from the dealer who will at the same time have the installation expertise of the York products. The average price of the furnace is $1199 to $1400. Warranties are the 10 year warranty on components and lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

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