York TM9X Furnace

The York TM9X furnace is a single-stage operation that makes use of reliable hot surface ignition, induced combustion and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers. This follows up on the high quality technology associated with the York brand of HVAC products. All the York TM9X furnaces are factory assembled, wired and tested to guarantee safety, dependability and economical installation and operation. In addition to these internal components, the outside appearance is very attractive. The comfort given by this model is very quality due to the clean and warm air.

York TM9X Furnace Features

The York TM9X furnace has an energy star rating mainly because of its high efficiency rating at 95.5% AFUE really proving a bargain over time due to the savings it will have accrued in heating energy cost. The TM9X furnace contains a single stage high efficiency motor that adds to the overall efficiency of the furnace. They have a heat input or power capacity range from 60,000 to 120,000 Btuh, the choice is mainly on the homeowner to make informed by the heating requirements of his home. The furnace also has an advanced air circulating fan motor which has the function of reducing stratification of air in the house mainly because warm air is lighter than cooler air and will tend to settle at the higher levels next to the ceiling. This is a condition noticed with the standard blower motor on most other furnaces. Now, when the temperature fluctuation pockets have developed and are noticeable between the floor and the ceiling, the motor is started. The technology used is called the York ECM motor and this motor will circulate air for big durations but only at a fraction of the cost in energy consumption as compared to the standard blower motor. Therefore the home becomes more comfortable with working of the ECM motor. It also increases efficiency in the cooling mode.

Comfort in the home is maximized since the York TM9X furnace will work as air conditioner therefore offering cooling requirements for the home during the warm summer months. The design of the furnace gives it a height of thirty three inches which makes installation very easy and that it can be done about anywhere. The primary heat exchanger is an aluminized steel tube that will last for many years free of gremlins thus it is a guarantee to reliability. Other features are the single stage gas valve, the single speed fan and other features that are aimed at sound proofing the furnace. In fact, the TM9X furnace has a very quiet operation which will provide a very comfortable environment in the home. Lastly, the cabinet is made of galvanized steel which is coated in powder paint.

York TM9X Price

The price of the York TM9X furnace is affordable and is mainly dependent on the input capacity, shipping location and installation costs. The price quotes are from $1099 to $1399 for tm9x gas furnace alone. Upon purchase a warranty is given and is usually the lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and the 10 year warranty on parts.

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