York YP9C Furnace

The York YP9C furnace falls in the Affinity 9C series of the York gas furnaces that are revered for their almost excellent and outstanding performance both in efficiency and very effective function. The York YP9C is a compact unit as is with all the other high efficiency gas furnaces and has a height of thirty three inches making it easy to install. All the YP9C gas furnace units are meticulously assembled in the York factories, wired and passed through quality tests to guarantee safety, functionality and efficiency.

York YP9C Furnace Features

The most prominent feature of the York YP9C gas furnace and the industry leader is that of efficiency rating that reaches the 98% mark. The energy star rating is almost an obvious. This is the industry leading mark and the efficiency means that it is very easy on the pocket come the utility bills. The modulating heat operation they use in their functioning employs the use of the modulating inducer, the modulating gas valve and the circulating blower to continuously regulate temperature to within 0.5 degrees of the thermostat setting and this is by varying the heat input to 1% increments to match the comfort desired in the home very precisely. The igniter is the electronic hot surface ignition that is designed to increase fuel efficiency saving on energy cost and at the same time increase steadfastness as well as reliability. The ECM variable speed blower has coupled function in that improving comfort via optional airflow delay which ensures that ramp up and ramp down is quiet and constant and efficient air distribution is achieved.  This happens as the motor saves on energy consumption. The airflow leakage from the furnace is at all time low 1% of nominal airflow in ductblaster conditions. A Patent-pending Condensate Management System eliminates need for external condensate traps.

The furnace leaves the factory with a multi position design so that at installation, the furnace can be applied in horizontal position left or right vent installation, the up flow installation and the down flow installation though this one will require conversion of the bottom which is temporarily fixed and designed. The high tech tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger has a warranty of a lifetime on it because it should be durable and very reliable. The secondary heat exchanger is mainly there to capture heat loss and is made of stainless steel with aluminum fins to increase the efficiency of the furnace. The other features are the 100% shut off main gas valve put there foe the maximum possible safety level, the self diagnostic in-built tool for fault code display, simplified access to controls to do the power and wiring, quiet inducer operation, burner an blower operation. The model can be connected using a four wire connection bus as part of a communicating control system. Then there are the external air filters for better air quality and rotating inducer for easy conversion of venting options.

York YP9C Price

The price of a York YP9C furnace is slightly on the higher side and when factored in with shipping location and installation charges. The prices can be covered by the efficiency of the furnace over time. The furnace attracts a price of between $1529 and $1818. Warranty is 10 years on the components and lifetime on the heat exchanger.

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